AltiGen Upgrade Services

CTI Communications is proud to offer a full range of AltiGen system upgrade options. Our team of technicians has experience performing all levels of AltiGen system upgrades including loading quickfixes, major version upgrade, and stand-alone system to AltiGen softswtich migration. CTI is currently a member of an elite group of resellers involved in AltiGen’s beta testing program. Our team is one of the first in the country to have access to new AltiGen software. Once we receive the beta software we put it through extensive testing not only in our lab but on our live production server. We never release a version of software to a customer that we are not comfortable running on our in-house AltiGen system As part of this testing, we qualify all of the various upgrade paths from multiple previous versions to insure that we have an extensive knowledge base prior to upgrading a customers system. Below is an overview of some of the upgrade options available to all AltiGen customers. For additional details, please contact the CTI Sales department at 970-221-9119 ext 107 or contact us.

Software Assurance

Upgrading your AltiGen system requires it to be registered on a Software Assurance plan with AltiGen. These plans provide you with all upgrades, fixes and patches from AltiGen while enrolled. For more information on AltiGen Software Assurance click here. If you are not currently enrolled in a Software Assurance we will be happy to discuss your options and provide pricing quotes for the different levels.

Legacy Software Upgrades

As with all Software companies AltiGen only supports direct upgrades from one version behind the current release. CTI has performed successful upgrades from many older versions of AltiGen software. Whether you are currently running Altiware 4.0, 4.6, or 5.0a we can get your system current and in most cases keep your valuable configuration in tact, minimize system down time and reconfiguration needed.

Hardware Upgrades

Your AltiGen phone system is a computer server and as with all computers, the hardware needs to be replaced at regular intervals. This is especially important with your AltiGen server as it runs 24/7 and its up-time is critical to operating your business. The largest areas of investment in your AltiGen system are the telephony boards, AltiGen licenses, and phones. CTI can design an upgrade plan for your AltiGen server that will minimize down-time while utilizing the highest possible amount of your current investment. We specialize in remote hardware upgrades to help minimize the high cost of onsite service. CTI will pre-configure your new hardware to be a direct drop in replacement for your current server. Using this method we have performed hardware upgrades for customers all across the country. We also have onsite servers available. For additional details about this process please contact us at the address or number below.

Analog to VoIP (hybrid) Upgrades

Over the last few years, VoIP (Voice over IP) technology has made great progress in availability and reliability. As many AltiGen systems were purchased prior to these advancements, they were installed using all analog phones. CTI has the knowledge and skills to design and implement a migration path from analog to VoIP for your AltiGen system utilizing your existing investment in hardware and AltiGen licensing. These “hybrid” AltiGen systems give you all of the great AltiGen features you are familiar with along with the advanced feature set of VoIP at a vastly reduced cost as compared with a forklift upgrade to a new IP capable system. For additional details, please contact the CTI Sales Department at 970-221-9119 ext 107 or contact us.

Upgrade to Softswitch

In 2009, AltiGen released MaxCommunications Server Softswitch platform. This is the new enterprise communications platform from AltiGen that is scalable to 5,000 extensions at a single location. As a premier business partner, CTI has the ability to help your growing organization migrate from your current AltiGen system up to the Softswitch platform. MaxCS Softswitch brings the robust AltiGen features to the enterprise market, while utilizing your existing investment in hardware, software, phones, and licenses. CTI currently recommends that any customer with at least 150 extensions who is planning on growth in the next few years explore migrating to MaxCS Softswitch.

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