CTI Communications

  1. Simplified Architectures and More – Part Two

      The simplification of Office 365 for your customers is something you should take into serious consideration. Just imagine how much time is lost due to a lack-of-communication and a lack of competency with your customers and their particular knowledge or lack-of-knowledge with the Office 365 suite. This intangible amount of time lost can sometimes be projected to be in the millions for some …Read More

  2. Phone System Year-End Cleanup

     Now that we have arrived at the end of 2013, it is a good time to give your phone system configuration some cleanup and attention. I would always recommend starting with the voicemail (VM) boxes. Review each extension's VM box for old messages and outdated New, Heard and Saved VM’s. Also give a look for any "no longer used" extensions that have accumulated messages. This is a good time to del…Read More

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