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  1. Talk To Multiple Customers Simultaneously via Microsoft Lync for Business

    With how fast technology is changing on a day-to-day basis, there shouldn’t be any problems with staying in communication with others. However, this premise is invalid, primarily due to the lack of interoperability between VOIP systems and their different manufacturers, installers, programs, software and hardware. Although, if you are looking for the perfect way to integrate all of your VOIP com…Read More

  2. The Advantages of our Program – Colorado OneBox Provider

    Is your business in need of a way that you can connect your Microsoft Office 365 package to Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice? Is your business tired of not having the full functionality of your Microsoft Lync with your Microsoft 365? Well, as a Colorado OneBox provider, we have the perfect enterprise voice solution in our Audiocode One Box 365. It is a great way to replace the Legacy system that yo…Read More

  3. Our Easy-to-Incorporate Audio Codes – One Box Program

    The development of Microsoft Lync over the past few years has lead to an industry-changing phenomena, primarily involving a push to provide all-inclusive VOIP packages to businesses that are in dire need of continuity and simplification. This acceleration and ambitiously-oriented technological advancement within the industry has been lead by companies like us. We are both the distribution center a…Read More

  4. July 24 at The Mayor of Old Town

    Once again, CTI Communications is partnering with our favorite Northern Colorado IT Service provider, Blue Margin, to bring you our July installment of Beer Tech. Please join us on July 24th from 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. at the celebrated Mayor of Old Town in Old Fort Collins. This casual networking event will give you the chance to enjoy some tasty appetizers, sample a flight of beers from more than…Read More

  5. Analog to VoIP: Let’s talk End Points

    In today’s blog I wanted to focus on some of the advantages of moving to a VoIP end point (IP Phone).  As you are reviewing the cost of a VoIP system, the areas below are a great place to look for some ROI. As with any piece of electronic equipment, the older the equipment the more it costs to maintain.  Most organizations are in the process (or have completed the process) of moving from anal…Read More

  6. Phone System Year-End Cleanup

     Now that we have arrived at the end of 2013, it is a good time to give your phone system configuration some cleanup and attention. I would always recommend starting with the voicemail (VM) boxes. Review each extension's VM box for old messages and outdated New, Heard and Saved VM’s. Also give a look for any "no longer used" extensions that have accumulated messages. This is a good time to del…Read More

  7. Helpful Resources

    Considering an upgrade?  Unsure of your system support options?  Check out our Resource Center here.  We've compiled an assortment of articles, blogs, white papers and other resources to help you navigate the ever-changing IT landscape.  Contact us to discuss how CTI can be of help in doing a system assessment, a training regimen, or a customized support plan.…Read More

  8. Choosing the Right Unified Communications Solutions for the SMB

    In August of 2013 Gartner released their updated MarketScope for Unified Communications for the SMB Market.  This report is a great overview of the UC market for SMBs. It does a good job of breaking down what UC means to the SMB market.  Gartner evaluates the following six communication functions: Voice and telephony — This area includes fixed, mobile and soft telephony, as well as the evoluti…Read More

  9. How to Weigh Premise vs. Cloud Systems

    I posted a link earlier this week to an interesting infographic that illustrated how non-IT execs are driving much of the migration to cloud-based deployments. The reason for this is pretty clear. Communications requirements for today’s businesses go way beyond telephones. They include a plethora of integrated platforms and applications that include email, voicemail, instant messaging, video con…Read More

  10. Non-IT Execs are driving migration to the Cloud

    Here's an interesting look at how non-IT execs are driving much of the migration to cloud-based deployments: http://cloudpoweredwork.com/productivity/infographics/cloud-2-0/…Read More

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