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  1. A Few Tips on Voicemail Box Management

    A very important tool in the business world is your voicemail box. You are usually busy, either on the phone talking business or away from your desk performing business. Either way,  you cannot always be at your phone to live answer all calls. Therefore, a well-managed VM box can be a great asset to your individual success and your company’s success. First, review the number of rings that occur…Read More

  2. BYOD, is it right for your organization?

    Bringing Your Own Device to Work Also known as BYOD, bringing your own devices to work is more popular than ever and the trend will continue. New technologies like Citrix and VMWare have made it extremely easy to work anywhere, on any device. The benefits are obvious to employers; employees can be more productive. But, are we overlooking the risks? BYOD is such a common practice, there is a Wikipe…Read More

  3. 3 Quick Tips to Improve Call Handling on Your AltiGen System

    Although it may not be included in our official job title, many of us find ourselves needing to answer calls and pass them on to their desired locations on a fairly regular basis. This is often the initial interaction between your company and the caller, so the ability to handle the call smoothly and quickly, will set a positive tone for your customers’ experience.  Utilizing your desktop appli…Read More

  4. How can Microsoft Lync® help you?

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  5. VoIP (Voice over IP) – What it is and what it isn’t.

    Out in the general marketplace, it is interesting hear and see the different impressions that many people have of VoIP. One common impression is that there is some sort of “magic” about VoIP that allows a user to make “free” phone calls anywhere in the world over the internet. Other impressions I have heard is that it generally has voice quality problems or is unpredictable in its function…Read More

  6. Teo Philosophy of Design

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  7. By 2017 one in three (smart) businesses will be cloud computing

    Courtesy of GIGAOM, here is a good piece by Derrick Harris on how Sonic has ditched its enterprise data warehouse for cloud computing.…Read More

  8. Refer a new Customer … get up to $2,500!

    CTI’s customers are our company’s biggest advocates, and we want to reward your loyalty.  Refer a new customer to us by March 31, and get up to $2,500 in cash or account credit. [maxbutton id="3"]  …Read More

  9. AltiGen Max CS Private Cloud

    AltiGen's MaxCS Private Cloud is a hosted PBX option that allows you to move your telecommunications infrastructure into a robust and secure "cloud," while maintaining your investment in AltiGen licenses and IP phones. No SA renewal costs ... no hardware costs ... no hardware to manage or maintain. (more…)…Read More

  10. What good is your phone system?

    What good is your phone system? Is it running like an ailing used car or is it a finely tuned machine? When is the last time you looked at how your phone system is working for your business? Is it helping your business to grow? Does it adapt as your needs change? Is it enabling your customers to reach the right person in your organization more quickly and efficiently or is it frustrating and upset…Read More

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