VOIPConfused about the benefits of using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as an alternative to more traditional telephony?  Here are three compelling reasons to switch to our business VoIP service:

1. Cost Savings

An organization that has implemented VoIP can save as much as 25% each billing cycle due to lower outbound calling costs, and many providers offer per-minute rates at nearly half the comparable rates of traditional voice services. Most providers also offer various discount tiers for long distance calling, meaning businesses can avoid costly calls to far away partners or clients. Overall, a company-wide business VoIP service of this kind can cost under $20 per month depending on usage — a significant savings vs. traditional phone services.

2. Features and Scalability

A VoIP system also offers your business access to a variety of features that help employees operate more efficiently and save time, which increases productivity and reduces labor costs. A variety of built-in and third-party software tools fall into this category, including advanced voicemail with email capability, call forwarding, interactive voice response and IP video conferencing, to name a few. By utilizing these features, employees can easily and quickly connect with one another, saving both time and money.

VoIP systems also provide an increased level of scalability, which can result in significant savings as a business grows. Systems can easily be upgraded and enhanced on an extension-by-extension basis. In this way, when a business grows, administrators can simply add lines or functionality to the existing infrastructure instead of replacing the entire system.

3. Lower cost of support

Businesses can also save money on IT support and services since VoIP systems are engineered for simplicity and durability. This may be especially important for small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t have access to IT resources on staff. Since VoIP systems are easy to access and maintain remotely, businesses will likely see a reduction in their overall IT expense.

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