So what’s the big deal about hosted phone systems vs premise based systems? From an owner’s perspective, I can see why the idea might be attractive to move the “pain in the rear” aspect of maintaining a fairly complicated and sometimes confusing piece of equipment that is not part of most business’ expertise to another so called “expert” in that area; but is it really all it’s being made out to be?

At CTI, we really consider ourselves manufacturer and platform agnostic, so we don’t have a particular preference for the direction in which a customer wants to proceed. We are experts at what we do and just want the right solution for our customer’s particular set of circumstances and needs. The real issue is, would you rather worry about a piece of equipment located onsite at your business that you can get your hands on, where you can control how it is maintained and can see what condition it is in? Or would you prefer to shift that burden to another organization that may be better at that particular operational expertise and worry instead about the cost, capacity and overall reliability of your data connection to the outside world.

A few things to remember are that once you shift your communication infrastructure to another party utilizing your outside data connection, it now becomes critical not only for your data communication, but for your business’s voice communication as well. Data can withstand second delays and not cause big issues for the day-to-day operation of your business. Voice, on the other hand, gets incredibly annoying and sometimes unintelligible with as little as 120 milliseconds delay. (Do you really want to annoy your customers? Switch to hosted and don’t manage your data connection to the outside world properly.)

With a switch to hosted, you have now likely doubled or tripled your bandwidth needs and you have also inundated your firewall/router with thousands if not millions of small data packets that it has never had to deal with before. Voice traffic consists of lots of small data packets for even a simple conversation. So, if you are going to switch to a hosted solution, make sure you understand that there are trade-offs and be sure that you are prepared to handle the new challenges this change may have on your business.

Did moving to hosted really solve a problem for you or did you just move your headache from one piece of equipment and service provider to another? CTI can help you understand these trade-offs and make sure any transition that you decide to make goes smoothly and truly does improve the operation of your business. Let us help you reduce the number and frequency of your worries and headaches.