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Morriso2I posted a link earlier this week to an interesting infographic that illustrated how non-IT execs are driving much of the migration to cloud-based deployments.

The reason for this is pretty clear. Communications requirements for today’s businesses go way beyond telephones. They include a plethora of integrated platforms and applications that include email, voicemail, instant messaging, video conferencing and “presence” (those little colored dots that show the availability of your co-worker), not to mention the ability for every employee to collaborate and share work.

So a decision to migrate from an on-premise to a hosted (cloud) platform will clearly touch every employee in the company, and therefore has implications for every executive in the C-suite.

These executives say that the most important reason for migration from premise to the cloud is “the ability to deliver data and applications to users anywhere/anytime.”  But they’re also concerned with capital expenditure costs, installation costs, infrastructure requirements, IT staffing requirements, and the long-term total cost of ownership (TCO).

I came across a very useful comparison chart prepared by Kara Deyermenjian at TechTarget. It offers a helpful checklist for those who may be evaluating the “pros” and “cons” of on-premise vs. hosted services.

While we at CTI are seeing a lot of interest in migration to the cloud, we consider ourselves “platform agnostic.”  Instead of pushing one platform over the other, we understand that, when all the key factors are considered, some businesses are better suited for on-premise systems, and others will be better served by a hosted platform.  Every business is unique and each requires a close look at all the variables above, from which we prepare a custom cost/benefit analysis for each customer.  We’ll never make a recommendation without performing this analysis.

Considering a move to the cloud? Give us a call and let us assist with a no-cost evaluation.

Rick Morrison is an Owner and Managing Partner for CTI, based in Dallas, Texas.


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