AltiGen_MaxCloudAltiGen MaxCloud is a hosted PBX option that allows you to move your telecommunications infrastructure into a robust and secure “cloud,” while maintaining your investment in AltiGen licenses and IP phones. It is a particularly attractive alternative to replacing aging servers that may pose reliability issues.

The MaxCloud solution has some exclusive features that make it an attractive alternative to a premise based infrastructure:

  • Dedicated Server Image – With MaxCloud your phone system resides on a server image that is dedicated to your organization. Most other Hosted solutions reside in a multi-tenant system with many organizations residing on the same switch.
  • Full AltiGen Feature Set – The feature set with MaxCloud is identical to your existing premise-based AltiGen. Most hosted providers charge a monthly fee for auto attendants, hunt groups, and virtual extensions and mailboxes. All of these are included at no additional charge with MaxCloud.
  • MS Exchange, Instant Messaging and Presence – The ability to add on additional services such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange or IM and Presence from MS Lync at a very low cost per user.
  • Full Service and Support from CTI – In most hosted environments technical support comes in the form of CLEC support (think CentryLink or Windstream), rather than the personal service you are accustomed to from CTI.

As with any other Hosted VoIP solution, MaxCloud’s pricing model will include your local and long distance phone service. And since the solution will no longer require a PRI for trunking, you can eliminate that monthly expense at significant savings.