The development of Microsoft Lync over the past few years has lead to an industry-changing phenomena, primarily involving a push to provide all-inclusive VOIP packages to businesses that are in dire need of continuity and simplification. This acceleration and ambitiously-oriented technological advancement within the industry has been lead by companies like us. We are both the distribution center and the installation center combined. We are the solution for businesses looking to acquire all-inclusive enterprise voice offerings.

Our audio codes – one box package that we distribute and install from Microsoft Lync encompasses:

  • All of the voice solutions that businesses are looking for in their Microsoft Office 365 suite of products and services
  • It aids in the simplification of and acceleration of Lync enterprise voice deployments, whether they are mix-use deployments or singular deployments
  • It involves and includes all of the required server components necessary for optimal productivity
  • The inclusion of all of the required connection-based equipment
  • All of the required end-point devices, such as IP Phones that are converted or inherently programmed as Lync-compatible
  • The ability to effectively replace their Legacy phone systems with a simplified and powerful solution
  • It is based off of the Lync-certified Mediant 800 SBC hardware platform
  • It is a field-proven package that is basically considered a fully-integrated appliance for voice communications

Ultimately, in the end, what this fully-integrated package does is provide the complete functionality of Microsoft Lync. This is in place of the old process that involved connecting multiple gateways and multiple servers, which was a major hassle!

audio codes - one box