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CTI’s Alliance Partnership Program collaborates with hardware, software, and IT solution integrators. Together we will deliver versatile technology to an ever‐expanding market. The purpose of this program is simple: to build new business opportunities for Alliance Partners through long‐term relationships. We also provide additional resources and expertise to Alliance Partners who are utilizing CTI Communications technologies.

Our Alliance Partnership offers multiple tiers of benefits. Join now to provide your business with exposure to new markets, extended sales and market reach, and increased revenue opportunities.

Program benefits build the Alliance Partnership on all levels ‐ they provide exposure to new
markets, increase revenue opportunities, and ensure technical compatibility. The following table describes the benefits associated with the Alliance Partnership Program:

Benefit Description
Partner's company name, logo and overview are listed in the CTI website's Partner Directory
Use of Logos Partner can use CTI logos
Partner has access to an Alliance representative for handling relationship activities
Partner can purchase equipment from CTI at a preferred discount rate
Resource Center Partner can access CTI's online Resource Center
Partner Portal
Details Coming Soon!
"By Invitation"
By invitation, CTI works together with Partner on mtually agreed-upon joint marketing activities. Examples include:

– Collateral development
– White Papers
– Contributed articles
– Press release support
– Case studies
– BeerTech/Meetup

Generous Commission
Initial purchase commission levels:

– Bronze – 5% for $0 to $50,000
– Silver – 7.5% for $50,000 to $100,000
– Gold – 10% for $100,000 and above
– 3% commission for all ongoing purchases

*Total revenue amount is calculated on a rolling 12-month basis with the total amount being the total of revenue to CTI Communications in the 12 months prior to the purchase. Initial commission payments will be paid 30-45 days after CTI has been paid in full for the project. Any additional purchases after the initial invoice will be included in the recurring portion of the Alliance Partner Program.


The chart below details each qualification for Partners. These qualifications have been
simplified to enable you to join quickly and enjoy program benefits sooner.


Qualification Description
Qualifying technology companies must provide hardware, software,
or services that are complimentary to CTI Communications.
This document summarizes the basic terms and conditions of the
Alliance Partnership Program. Additional terms and conditions are
detailed on our website at www.cticommunications.com. This
agreement must be signed and executed by both parties.
Alliance Partners make their product available to CTI
Communications for evaluation and benchmarking.
Partners who want to sell CTI Communications products will obtain
them through CTI Communications authorized channels.

How to join
Enrollment in the program is quick and easy. If you are interested in adding value through a
partnership with CTI Communications, send an email to sales@cticommunications.com to
schedule a qualification review. The Alliance Partnership Program collaborates with hardware,
software, and IT solution integrators. Together we will deliver fresh, versatile technology to an
ever‐expanding market.

Learn More
To learn more about how the CTI Communications Alliance Partnership Program can benefit
your organization, simply complete the form at the right, or send an email to: sales@cticommunications.com. A member of our Alliances
team will contact you shortly.