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Jim Cruz Now that we have arrived at the end of 2013, it is a good time to give your phone system configuration some cleanup and attention. I would always recommend starting with the voicemail (VM) boxes. Review each extension’s VM box for old messages and outdated New, Heard and Saved VM’s. Also give a look for any “no longer used” extensions that have accumulated messages. This is a good time to delete the extension and route the calls and VM’s to an active extension.

Next, I would recommend reviewing the Extension VM passwords. You could use your Extension Security Checker to see the security status of your VM passwords. There have been numerous reported hacking attempts of phone systems and your best defense is secure extension passwords. A valid password must be 4 to 8 digits in length and cannot be the same as its extension number. Basic password patterns, such as repeated digits (1111), consecutive digits strings (1234), or digits that match the extension (Ext. 101 using 1012, 9101, 10101, and so on) are not allowed. When an employee leaves, always change the extension password immediately to eliminate the outside access and reduce the liability of the extension being used for unauthorized usage.

Also, do not forget to perform your recommended end-of-year quarterly system reboot and system configuration backups. The best insurance and protection of a phone system is to have a recent backup on an alternative network drive that can be used as a configuration restore in the case of a system hard drive failure. No good configuration to restore from means you have to start all over with building your configuration by hand.

If you would like any additional information on these topics or more, please contact CTI Communications – Technical Support Department to discuss.

Jim Cruz oversees all facets of CTI’s Technical Support Department, including support trouble tickets, troubleshooting, system upgrades, new product testing, product evaluation and 24/7/365 customer support. In addition to being an AltiGen Certified Engineer, Jim is a member of IFMA and is MS Project certified as a Project Manager. He is also an accomplished jazz and rock musician.

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