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The simplification of Office 365 for your customers is something you should take into serious consideration. Just imagine how much time is lost due to a lack-of-communication and a lack of competency with your customers and their particular knowledge or lack-of-knowledge with the Office 365 suite. This intangible amount of time lost can sometimes be projected to be in the millions for some industries and billions for major industries. So, in a rather gigantic and hugely collaborative effort to restore the user-friendliness to this suite, audiocodes Onebox 365 was invented.

As a Colorado OneBox provider, we’ve established several ways in which we have made the acquisition of our products simple and the understanding of our products… very simple! Understanding that this Mediant 800 host of a fully featured Lync Server 2013 software solution is a GUI-based management system is something we take into comprehension everyday.

Here are some of the simplifications you’ll receive when you purchase Onebox from us:

  1. We make sure that the deployment of this enterprise voice solution is extremely simple and easy-to-understand for both you and your customers
  2. We’ve integrated and implemented this entire package into a one-stop-shop-solution
  3. The installation of this all-inclusive package will be done with Full UC and without the intrusion of any of your cloud benefits
  4. You’ll be amazed at how easy the seamless integration is when we deploy this package
  5. Your customers will be so happy when they see that they can self-manage with a intuitive GUI
  6. 100% of the PBX enterprise voice features will be included and available for integration


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