Over the last few years we have seen some great new advances in ways to use utilize our new “smart” devices as work tools. With many Unified Communications (UC) providers embracing BYOD and adding great mobility functionality, including smart phone apps and VoIP over cellular data, these tools are becoming a part of our everyday work. As a heavy smart phone user who travels regularly and uses Mobility applications from ShoreTel, AltiGen and Teo, there is one recent trend that has me a bit baffled: The Enterprise Smart Phone Docking Station

image002Last week ShoreTel announced the upcoming addition to their end point line, the “ShoreTel Dock.” This fancy contraption is a device that allows the end user to “dock” their iPhone or iPad and utilize the ShoreTel Mobility client application while having access to a more traditional key pad, handset and speaker phone (read more here). AltiGen Communications released their iPhone dock dubbed the “iFusion” a couple years ago (read more here) which is very similar in functionality working with the MaxMobile smart phone application. While I personally love gadgets andimage001 am always looking for ways to utilize new tech I am at a bit of a loss on these new products. They are not “phones” as they rely on the smart device for all voice and data communication. They do provide a very nice place to put your phone while at your desk and power for charging today’s battery hungry devices. Personally, when I am at my desk I prefer to take advantage of the communication tools on my workstation for my calling, IM and video. This allows me to utilize the full functionality of the great applications from ShoreTel and AltiGen on decent size screens while maintaining focus, rather than switching between my workstation and docked smart phone.

My question to you is: will you spend $150-$350 on a desktop phone charger? And if so, why?