CTI Communications

  1. Simplified Architectures and More – Part Two

      The simplification of Office 365 for your customers is something you should take into serious consideration. Just imagine how much time is lost due to a lack-of-communication and a lack of competency with your customers and their particular knowledge or lack-of-knowledge with the Office 365 suite. This intangible amount of time lost can sometimes be projected to be in the millions for some …Read More

  2. The Advantages of our Program – Colorado OneBox Provider

    Is your business in need of a way that you can connect your Microsoft Office 365 package to Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice? Is your business tired of not having the full functionality of your Microsoft Lync with your Microsoft 365? Well, as a Colorado OneBox provider, we have the perfect enterprise voice solution in our Audiocode One Box 365. It is a great way to replace the Legacy system that yo…Read More

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