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With how fast technology is changing on a day-to-day basis, there shouldn’t be any problems with staying in communication with others. However, this premise is invalid, primarily due to the lack of interoperability between VOIP systems and their different manufacturers, installers, programs, software and hardware. Although, if you are looking for the perfect way to integrate all of your VOIP components and software together, our Microsoft Lync for Business will do just that!

This online platform that connects business owners to their customers helps in many ways:

  • The ability to subscribe to Lync Online and use all of its benefits

  • It has evolved and transformed into a full-featured Unified Communications tool

  • Businesses can utilize this in order to maintain a higher level of collaboration on multiple fronts

  • It brings together all of the possible ways your business communicates onto a single and easy-to-use platform

  • Single interfacing capabilities for your end users

  • Medium to large enterprise customers can use this in order to incorporate more advanced communication methods within their existing system

  • It can serve several client-organizations by allowing for a single instance of this software to be run on a server, which is regarded as multi-tenancy

  • Businesses can access Lync via the Internet or corporate network, despite the housing of servers by Microsoft

  • It can be reached and accessed by a multitude of different devices

  • It provides the ability to access Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Professional Plus
  • By boosting the productivity, increasing the return-on-investments, and lowering costs
  • Leveraging the pure and natural talent that your company already encompasses

microsoft lync for business

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