Is your business in need of a way that you can connect your Microsoft Office 365 package to Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice? Is your business tired of not having the full functionality of your Microsoft Lync with your Microsoft 365? Well, as a Colorado OneBox provider, we have the perfect enterprise voice solution in our Audiocode One Box 365. It is a great way to replace the Legacy system that you’ve been working with for years. It can be customized to complement the existing services you already have. It is ready to fit any and all types of business models, no matter what yours may be.

The advantages of this program are as such:

  • It allows the user(s) the ability to give their Microsoft Office 365 a voice

  • It provides you with the chance to acquire and utilize a turn-key PBX replacement

  • It is basically an appliance-based Enterprise Voice solution

  • The appliance includes all of the server components

  • All of the end-point devices are included

  • Custom CTI Installation services, which will let our 15+ years of experience work for you

  • Ongoing CTI award winning support services

  • It provides a broad range of flexible configuration options

  • It enables the user the ability to enhance and customize their very own solution to fit their needs

Some of the particular benefits that are comprised with this program are as such:

  • Multi-party voice and video calling availabilities

  • Includes local and long distance calling

  • You’ll have complete presence, video and IM capabilities, and multi-party conference calling

  • This is basically a one-stop shopping solution to your complex needs

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