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Since Lync offers a peer-to-peer communication platform unlike any other, it’s no wonder why so many small businesses want it for other uses. After seeing and hearing its potential for keeping communications working optimally, most network managers realize they need it. However, with their use of Microsoft Office 365, it doesn’t necessarily allow the interoperability between the two. That’s where our AudioCodes – OneBox 365 program comes into “virtual play.” What it does is allow the the two platforms to fully function and work together in unison, which is what has been in demand for years now.

There’s so many features that small businesses will love with this program:

  1. For screen sharing and virtual whiteboard purposes, the presentation tools make the ability to give online presentations all the easier
  2. It allows for the collaboration of multi-tenant hosting, which means that mobile users and geographically dispersed offices can be managed by business owners in ways that help travel expense reduction
  3. The ability to maintain, operate and manage highly collaborative team environments
  4. It makes the ability to give online presentations far more effective, less time-consuming and more productive
  5. The ability to get real-time information and actually on location
  6. Everything can be done and accessed in real-time
  7. Photo and instant messaging become all the more appealing and simple to use
  8. Efficient utilization of the voice-call communication between devices and computers
  9. The ability to easily reach users and customers via Lync or Skye
  10. The ability to enhance meetings by engaging in either video or audio conversations online
  11. Business owners can communicate and extend their messaging more flexibly

If you think that this sounds like the perfect addition and contribution to your Microsoft Lync and your Microsoft Office 365 programs, then you are thinking rightly!

audiocodes - onebox

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