jimcruzA very important tool in the business world is your voicemail box. You are usually busy, either on the phone talking business or away from your desk performing business. Either way,  you cannot always be at your phone to live answer all calls. Therefore, a well-managed VM box can be a great asset to your individual success and your company’s success.

First, review the number of rings that occur before a call rolls to your VM box. Three to four rings is good. Six rings or higher may cause your caller to hang up and you miss an opportunity for a contact.

Second, have a short, professional, clear and concise VM greeting. An efficient method is to have a greeting that announces who you are, your status and a request for the caller to leave a name, number and the reason for the call.

Most of the time, I try to train my callers to leave me enough information to assist, and not too much so the VM becomes a rambling wreck.

Some of the time, instead of leaving a VM for someone, I send the message as an email so I don’t have to rely on playing the VM “Tag-Your-It” game.

There are many features available on VM systems that are great tools. These include the following:

  • Remote VM Notification to your Cell or Home Phone

Have the system call you when you receive a VM, listen to it, save it,  forward or delete it. All Remote.

  • VM to Email

Get your VM on your smart phone or workstation through an email.

As a parent when I was raising my children, I taught them very specific household techniques. VM is like clothing. When you come home for the day, if your clothes are still clean, they go on hangers in the closet or back in the drawer. If they are dirty they go in the laundry basket. The floor, bed or couch are not options. Same thing with VM. After you listened, either “Save It” or “Delete It.” This will keep your VM box clean and well managed.

If you would like more information on VM box features, please contact CTI Communications and we will be happy to discuss the many available options.

Jim Cruz oversees all facets of CTI’s Technical Support Department, including support trouble tickets, troubleshooting, system upgrades, new product testing, product evaluation and 24/7/365 customer support. In addition to being an AltiGen Certified Engineer, Jim is a member of IFMA and is MS Project certified as a Project Manager. He is also an accomplished jazz and rock musician.