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jimcruzThrough my years of experience with phone servers and switches, I have discovered that phone systems that seem to have the longest life and provide the most consistent level of performance are ones that are powered through a reliable and even dedicated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). The power grid is unpredictable at best and with systems that are plugged directly into wall outlets, you are at the mercy of power surges, spikes and rolling brown-out conditions. Thus unreliable and unpredictable power sources create havoc for your phone system as well as equipment damage and corruption to power supplies and system configurations. Not to mention other variables such as weather, construction and high summer power usage.

I do not recommend ever plugging your equipment directly to a wall outlet, but using a good UPS that provides protection from power peaks and valleys. In the case of a full power outage, gives you time to make a decision. You would want to perform a proper shutdown of your equipment before the load on the UPS battery is exhausted. Also recommended is a UPS that has Automatic Shutdown Software for your system. Then, when the power returns and displays some stability, your decision allows you to bring the equipment back up under full power.

The worst thing is to allow your equipment to go down hard and then let it come back up with power bouncing up and down during recovery.

A dedicated UPS with Automatic Shutdown Software with battery replacement specifications recommended by the system will provide you with some confidence that your system will last longer and provide long-term reliability.

Jim Cruz oversees all facets of CTI’s Technical Support Department, including support trouble tickets, troubleshooting, system upgrades, new product testing, product evaluation and 24/7/365 customer support. In addition to being an AltiGen Certified Engineer, Jim is a member of IFMA and is MS Project certified as a Project Manager. He is also an accomplished jazz and rock musician.

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