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RBrowneWhat good is your phone system? Is it running like an ailing used car or is it a finely tuned machine?

When is the last time you looked at how your phone system is working for your business? Is it helping your business to grow? Does it adapt as your needs change? Is it enabling your customers to reach the right person in your organization more quickly and efficiently or is it frustrating and upsetting your customers? Do your phone system’s auto-attendants put your customers through a maze of non-applicable options? Does your music-on-hold sound like a bad radio station with poor reception? Does it hang up on your customers, send them to eternal on-hold or do your customers always get sent to voicemail? Is the call quality as bad as a poor cell phone connection? Does the system flake out on a regular basis?

If your company is like most, the last time you took a complete look at the way your phone system is operating was when it was originally installed. How long has that been? Wouldn’t it be worth taking a fresh look at how it is helping or hurting your company? Do you find yourself never getting around to dealing with those annoying issues that seem to plague your phone system? Isn’t it worth budgeting some time and money toward improving one of your most significant means of communicating with your customers?

CTI knows phone systems, circuit providers and all of the network infrastructure that can make or break the technology that connects you with your customers. We understand all of the intricacies of auto-attendants, music-on-hold, call center routing, agent management, call recording, call reporting, hardware and software management and everything that goes into creating a finely tuned “unified” communication tool. We are experts in understanding how to best harness the technology to best meet your company’s and customers’ needs. Let us help. Give us a call.

Rich Browne is President/CEO of CTI Communications.

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