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MobilityIn the last year or so a new buzz word has emerged in the communications industry. “Mobility” now joins jargon like “unified communications,” “BYOD,” and “the cloud” as terms that a lot of people are using, but few have a clear understanding of the meaning.  I want to take a few minutes to provide some clarification on the term “mobility”.

We have all seen the usage of smartphones and tablets spike in the last few years.  These new devices are great as they allow us to perform tasks like playing word games and update facebook or twitter from anywhere at any time.  But how to do we utilize this newfound connectivity to be more productive?  Our written communication (email) has been mobile since RIM put a blackberry in the hands of millions of enterprise workers.  The next generation of mobility solutions builds on this, allowing for almost every other business-related task to be performed from our new “super-smart devices”.

Mobility solutions from today’s communication providers can take your smartphone or tablet and connect it to (or replace) your office phone.  This allows for seamless communication with your customers and colleagues from anywhere.  Using these tools you can take calls, send IMs, collaborate on projects, or video chat with prospects, all from your mobile device.  These functions release you from your desk and allow you to work when and where you need to, thereby raising the bottom line.

Mobility solutions can come in many sizes —  from basic call forwarding to full video and collaboration integration.  With our wide range of solutions, CTI can find one for your organization that provides the best value.

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