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Morriso2As one of the largest AltiGen dealers in the country, our customers often question us on the need for Software Assurance. “I bought my telephone system,” they say. “Why do I need to make ongoing expenditures on software assurance?”

To adequately answer that, we first need to understand that the heart of AltiGen’s VoIP technology is its powerful, integrated IP software engine. In today’s world of evolving technologies, a software-based system is required to take full advantage of those technologies while delivering new, advanced features — all without the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

As you would expect, that software is continually evolving. In fact, since the first AltiGen system was introduced in 1996, our customers have enjoyed more than 1,000 product enhancements — all delivered through software updates and upgrades.

The program through which we standardize those updates and upgrades is the AltiGen Software Assurance Program. This program provides our customers with all of the latest AltiGen software updates, upgrades and enhancements — all for a single annual subscription fee. They are then able to implement any or all of these enhancements based on the requirements of their business.

The benefit to you, the customer, is that the program ensures that your system is continually upgraded and enhanced. As a registered Software Assurance customer, you are entitled to receive all updates and new releases for the applications you have licensed. CTI will notify you when versions are available and will help keep your system up to date with the most current stable version of the software. In addition, being enrolled in Software Assurance allows CTI to escalate trouble tickets on your behalf through AltiGen’s Technical Support Center for resolution.

Most of our customers combine their AltiGen Software Assurance with a CTI Annual Support Agreement. By doing this, any upgrades, fixes and patches are handled by CTI with no additional labor charges. When an upgrade is necessary, CTI’s technical support team will contact you and schedule the upgrade.

With these two important protection programs in place, not only do our customers have access to our award-winning support department for any questions or issues that arise, but also receive all the necessary upgrades, fixes and patches for your system with one, budget-friendly annual cost.

Contact us for more information on AltiGen Software Assurance and CTI Technical Support.

Rick Morrison is an Owner and Managing Partner for CTI, based in Dallas, Texas.


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